Exemplary Past Project: Alameda County

Project Name: Evaluating the Impact of Home Visiting and Family Support Services in Alameda County

Skill Area: Program Evaluation

Agency Name & Department: Alameda County Public Health Department

Project Summary: The Alameda County Public Health Department’s Family Health Services and Public Health Nursing divisions, in collaboration with First 5 Alameda County and community-based home visiting programs are creating a Home Visiting/Family Support System of Care for pregnant women and families with young children. This system of care will encompass 12 home visiting programs and will create an integrated, family-centered system to serve high-risk pregnant women and families with children up to the age of three.

As part of this new program, the Department is working to implement a new evaluation plan which includes common outcomes and suggested indicators, measures, tools, and data collection practices across programs. The GSEP intern will play a major role in implementing this new evaluation plan and will analyze data from across the 12 home visiting programs overseen by the Department to establish baselines for common outcomes; assist in the development of a universal intake form for use by each program; establish a “typical home visiting client profiles” for use across the programs; and develop an infographic or data display of home visiting data for distribution to stakeholders and community members.

Project Outcomes: The project will begin the implementation phase of the Maternal/Infant/Early Childhood Home Visiting and Family Support System of Care evaluation plan. The GSEP intern will establish a baseline for each of the 12 home visiting programs and the system as a whole across identified outcomes. These baselines will allow the Department to measure progress in those 12 programs and the system over time. The GSEP intern will also develop a typical client profile in order to help agencies and funders understand the population served by the home visiting system and develop summary evaluation findings for Department discussion.