Exemplary Past Project: Mississippi

Project Name: Title V Needs Assessment

Skill Area: Needs Assessment

Agency Name & Department: Mississippi State Department of Health (MSDH) Office of Health Data and Research (OHDR)

Project Summary: The Office of Health Data and Research (OHDR) provides data, analysis, research, surveillance, and support and management of assessment-related activities within Health Services with emphasis on Maternal and Child Health (MCH), as well as coordinates the Title V MCH Block Grant and related statewide MCH needs assessment. The state MCH needs assessment is a comprehensive project that broadly documents and reports the needs of the entire MCH population in Mississippi. New for this year, the needs assessment will be divided into six new health domains including: Maternal & Women’s Health (Age 18-44); Perinatal & Infant Health (Age 0-1); Child Health (Age 1-11); Adolescent & Young Adult Health (Age 12-25); children with special health care needs (CHCYN); and, Lifecourse issues (i.e. nutrition, oral health, etc.)

The GSEP intern will primarily aid in the development of the Title V needs assessment. The intern will be responsible for documenting the data collection and sampling methodology, managing quantitative databases, developing graphs, tables and charts for the final report, and writing sections of the needs assessment. In addition to quantitative data management and analysis, the GSEP intern will conduct additional short-term data analyses to fill informational gaps in the needs assessment as it is developed and will be able to participate in other activities and programs aimed at improving birth outcomes in Mississippi.

Project Outcomes: The GSEP intern will help produce the Title V needs assessment, a comprehensive overview of MCH needs in the state of Mississippi. The intern’s work will assure document completion and quality and documentation of the scientific processes of data collection methods for further replicability and use, an important task in this first year of the new needs assessment health domains. Clear documentation and adequate replicability is essential to ensure that the Title V needs assessment can serve as the state’s priority-setting process for future years.