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Thank you for your interest in the GSEP. All opportunities have been filled for this year.

There are 30 total projects this year! The application allows for up to 3 choices. View Projects

A student must meet these requirements to apply:
  • Master's or doctoral degree candidate
  • Attending a U.S. school of public health
  • In an MCH or related program that involves MCH studies
  • U.S. citizen or non-citizen permanent residents in the United States
  • Will not graduate before the completion of the project
Complete Applications Include
  • An essay on your interest in the project
  • Recommendations (graduate advisor + one more)
  • Current resume or curriculum vitae
  • 7 short screens of data including personal and educational experience
  • Choice of up to 3 GSEP offerings: List of Projects
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The GSEP review committee intends to match students with the most appropriate project opportunities regardless of location. Committee members make every effort to honor the applicant’s ranked choices.

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